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M. P. Engineering Co.

The company is having very large capacity of manufacturing at G.I.D.C. Vatva, Ahmedabad and serving thousands of customers across the globe.

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Turbo Air Vantilator

Natural Ventilator - Preffered by Eenergy Auditors

"AIR KING"  Turbo Air Ventilator is a wind driven ventilators actuated by natural convection from inside the building assisted by the wind outside. It is a cost effective and efficient ventilator ideally suited to ventilate Factiries, Workshops, Ware houses, Schools, Hostels, Auditoriums and other buildings which require effective ventilation.

Salient Features

  • Wind Powered roof mounted ventilators designed to withstand high wind speeds.
  • Rain water and bird proof, being made up of closely spaced profiled vanes.
  • Prevents down draft into the building allowing air entry through the side openings.
  • Effectively removes heat, fumes and dust.
  • Avoids condensation at the bottom of the roof.
  • The turbine being preecisely balanced with low inertia, operates freely and smoothly without any vibration even at low wind speed.
  • Exhausts hot air due to stack effect even when thre is no wind. Installation does not require structural reinforcement.

Technical Specification

Air displacement of 24" BAse dia. / 32" Dom ida. Turbo
  • At 15 Km/H W.S. - 2250 m3/H
  • At 25 Km/H W.S. - 3300 M3/H
Covering area 370 sq. ft.
Shed height minimum 16 ft.


  • Cost effective investment.
  • No operational and maintance cost.
  • Ideally suited for buildings with explosive environment.
  • Enhances the architectural & aesthetic appearance of the building.
Turbo Air Vantilator - With FRP Turbo Air Vantilator - G. I. Cone
Turbo Air Ventilator
Turbo Air Ventilator
with G.I. CONE

Choice of material ( Aluminium, Stainless Steel, or any metal), size, numbers and installation of Turbo Air Ventilator depends on considerations such as wind velocity, temperature differential, shop environmental conditions. Size of the building, location of the building and profile of the roof.


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